Point Guard Vision – Vol. 14 – Communicate on the Floor!

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Why is it difficult to get players to communicate on the floor?  Some say it's technology, some think it's just this age group.  I break down why it's so important for players to be active communicators on the floor at all times! https://youtu.be/5FPAyzuUZI4

Point Guard Vision Vol. 10 – Do You Study The Game?

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I cover college basketball for a living and I see a lot of players struggle decision-making, time and situation strategy.  If you want to improve quicker, players, study the game!  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can view these as soon as they are posted.  Thanks hoopers!!!   https://youtu.be/uJSCoJuYxD0

Point Guard Vision – Volume 9 – Everything Takes Time To Develop

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Stephen Bardo breaks down how student-athletes can learn to be more patient in the pursuit of their vision. Bardo shares his own personal experiences in moving from one level of the game (high school) to another (college, pro). Go to stephenbardo.com and sign up for the newsletter and receive a link to a special 3-part [...]