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I’m Stephen Bardo, former University of Illinois standout, NBA player and basketball analyst. I’ve taken what I’ve learned on and around the court and applied it to helping business maximize performance. Want to know how I do it? Click the orange button!

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Stephen Bardo | Point Guard Vision Intro

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 18 – Are You Realistic About Your Game?

I discuss whether or not players and parents are realistic about their playing ability.  Universities recruit all over the world now.  If you can play they will find you! Brand new Six (6) week leadership [...]

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 17 – What Is Your Role On The Team?

Everybody can't be the star!  I ask and discuss what is the role you play on your team.  What do you do better than anyone else that can help your team win?   https://youtu.be/zyq8NPIVrOA

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 15 – March Madness Special

Stephen Bardo gives specific areas to research when filling out your brackets!  Take a look and good luck everyone! https://youtu.be/Q0LnuvwCKW4

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Mr. Bardo was excellent, he was energetic, insightful and motivational as our speaker; and most importantly he connected with the students—they loved him.
Theodore Johnson, The National Society of Leadership and Success
Listening to Stephen, it was just a wonderful experience; I really enjoyed learning all that he had to say and he was quite personable and very friendly. I would be happy to have Stephen back here anytime he wanted to come back to Genoa Public Library
Jennifer Barton, Genoa Public Library
Stephen Bardo connected with teenage students expertly. Stephen presents his thoughts in a manner that grabs the students’ attention and keeps it. He involved the students in several instances that allowed all grade levels to feel as if they were the focus of his talk. I would highly recommend Stephen to speak with all groups of teenagers who need to see a positive role model!
Darren Sirianni, East Dubuque High School