Point Guard Vision Vol. 10 – Do You Study The Game?

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I cover college basketball for a living and I see a lot of players struggle decision-making, time and situation strategy.  If you want to improve quicker, players, study the game!  Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can view these as soon as they are posted.  Thanks hoopers!!!   https://youtu.be/uJSCoJuYxD0

Point Guard Vision – Volume 9 – Everything Takes Time To Develop

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Stephen Bardo breaks down how student-athletes can learn to be more patient in the pursuit of their vision. Bardo shares his own personal experiences in moving from one level of the game (high school) to another (college, pro). Go to stephenbardo.com and sign up for the newsletter and receive a link to a special 3-part [...]

The Explanation

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The point guard position in basketball is referred to as the "Coach on the Floor". Effective point guard play requires tremendous leadership skills. As a point guard, you have to know your teammates' responsibilities, as well as your own, in order to get the most from them. As a point guard, you MUST be willing [...]

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The Experience

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A respected broadcaster since his retirement, Bardo knows about leadership, success and overcoming adversity. He knows about dreams coming true and then falling apart. Like us all, he has had many challenges to overcome and faced professional and personal adversity. That’s something with which every young adult and college student can identify with, understand and [...]

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The Execution

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Stephen uses his background in sports and broadcasting to deliver powerful and entertaining messages that resonate with his audiences. His presentations are honest, engaging and leave listeners with solid strategies to overcome the many obstacles that we all face in our business and personal lives.

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Invite Stephen To Speak

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See how your audience can be the coach on the floor. Book Bardo for your speaking engagement.   Contact

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