Point Guard Vision – Vol. 22 – Plan B!

I've covered this topic before yet I think it's important to revisit it now that basketball season is about to get underway.  I share an interesting statistic that shows why a good Plan B is imperative! https://youtu.be/4MmcwMQaGiI

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 21 – Hard Work vs. Talent

I discuss the difference between hard work and talent and why we may want to consider removing the word talent from our vocabulary.  If you agree or disagree please let me know.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrZRxpBoNEo

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 19 – Toughness

I discuss what true Toughness is and what it's not.  I speak about Jay Bilas' book on the topic.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paR-FXK-ENM

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 18 – Are You Realistic About Your Game?

I discuss whether or not players and parents are realistic about their playing ability.  Universities recruit all over the world now.  If you can play they will find you! Brand new Six (6) week leadership development online course now available to those players serious about developing into leaders on and off the court!  Email me [...]

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 17 – What Is Your Role On The Team?

Everybody can't be the star!  I ask and discuss what is the role you play on your team.  What do you do better than anyone else that can help your team win?   https://youtu.be/zyq8NPIVrOA

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 15 – March Madness Special

Stephen Bardo gives specific areas to research when filling out your brackets!  Take a look and good luck everyone! https://youtu.be/Q0LnuvwCKW4

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 15 – How Do You Handle Losing Starting Position?

Stephen discusses the emotions and reactions involved with losing a starting position. Bardo shares from his own professional career why this could be a great learning experience.   https://youtu.be/UAOhl2zK7R0

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 14 – Communicate on the Floor!

Why is it difficult to get players to communicate on the floor?  Some say it's technology, some think it's just this age group.  I break down why it's so important for players to be active communicators on the floor at all times! https://youtu.be/5FPAyzuUZI4

Point Guard Vision – Volume 13 – Play 1-on-1 After Practice

Stephen Bardo shares why it's important to play 1-on-1 with teammates after practice.  Builds your individual skills and becomes contagious to your whole team! https://youtu.be/pd3BLoEs4mk

Point Guard Vision – Vol. 12 – Do You Encourage Your Teammates?

Stephen Bardo breaks down the importance of encouraging teammates.  Why it's helpful for them but more so for you! https://youtu.be/XfYGyyqoLKY

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