30 shot clock Q& A with Stephen Bardo

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Q: Why are you in favor of a change to a 30-second shot clock?

I think the college game needs to be in alignment more with the rest of the basketball world.  It doesn’t make sense to me that men’s college basketball has the longest shot clock in the world, men or women.  The game suffers from lack of scoring and this is a needed first step in addressing this.  

Q: How would this impact the game the most? What would be the biggest thing casual fans would notice?

It would increase the amount of possessions each team would have each game.  More opportunities to score, would increase the tempo due to less time per possession, and hopefully make for a more watchable game.

Q: Which Big Ten teams would benefit the most from such a change?

Iowa, because of their style of pushing the ball on offense and extended pressure on the defensive end would benefit.  I think Michigan would be able to take advantage with their guard oriented offense with multiple players being able to shoot with range and space the floor.  Indiana’s team wants to push tempo and they could create ever more opportunities on the offensive end.  They wouldn’t have to guard as long on each possession which was a problem for them last season.  Minnesota’s ability to pressure full court would benefit as well.  

Q: How about ones that would be negatively affected?

Nebraska would be a team that would have to adjust on the offensive end.  They run a lot of motion to get to the end of the shot clock and then look to score.  They would have to find other ways to get early offense.  Rutgers will struggle simply because they don’t have enough playmakers right now to create offense.  It will be interesting to see how Purdue adjusts.  They have the twin towers but can they effectively get them into position and give them enough time to score consistently?  

Q: In an ideal world, what would you like to see the shot clock be in the college game?

I think 30 seconds is a good start right now.  To change the clock from 35 to 24 would be too much for the college game right now.  The reason scoring is down is because players aren’t as skilled offensively as they need to be.  This is a much larger problem that stems from the high school and AAU levels.  The NBA and NCAA need to come together and create real, meaningful change to the developmental system in the country.  It’s hurting the game on every level.  The 30 second shot clock will hopefully force college coaches to work on skill development more and send a message to the lower levels of their need for more skilled players.  

Q: Finally, if you could change one other rule, what would it be?

I would limit the amount of times officials can go to instant replay and correct situations.  It takes entirely too long for them to make up their minds if they will change a call or not.  It takes the excitement away from the fans, it kills momentum of the game, and drags the games on far longer than they need to.  I have plenty more but I would start with this one!



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